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To age or not to age

If only there could be a choice.   Age is a measurement of time.  As long as the sun continues to rise and set and rise again, the oceans ebb and flow and we don’t kill off the honeybee, time will continue to be measured.  Despite the guarantees of thousands of products on the internet, nothing can turn back the hands of time.  There are no sure things except taxes, death and the fact time moves forward.  Tomorrow you will be one day older.  When compared to the alternative, this is a good thing.

For some misguided reason, we associate age with personality.  You can say you read it here… this just ain’t so.  Experience yes, age no.  It makes sense that people with the same age have shared many of the same experiences so may have the same tendencies. Those traits like the ones on TV telling us 1 in 4 men in their forties can’t get it up.  Age is just one more thing on which to base silly stereotypes.

Age is to be celebrated.  Every new day is going to present endless challenges.  Even unknowingly, we create endless solutions while we learn and grow at the same time.  We shouldn’t worry about admitting to fifty.  We should be screaming as loud as we can:

I have lived for fifty years.  I have survived sickness and poverty, heartbreak and a broken home.  I have met every challenge life has thrown me and I am here to brag about it!

We do celebrate birthdays, some landmarks more than others.  Most often, it is an excuse for a get together or gift grab rather than a celebration of accomplishments or simply the survival of the past 365 days.  You want to give a fabulous gift to a friend?  Give them a list of the best things that happened to them in the last year.  Remind them of the hurdles they cleared.  Point out the scars that used to be open wounds.  Tell them someone loved every single day.  This is how we should celebrate age.

When we get honest, really honest, the “I know I’m 200 while I continue to tell my friends I’m no more than 180” type of honest, it is not our age that problems us.  It is how our bodies have let us down and will no longer tolerate the abuse that has put them in such a condition.  Why are our bodies rebelling?  Experience.

We cannot hear it enough!  It is not just about getting out of bed.  It is about being grateful for the experience of getting old. 


I don’t have to do anything

You might be surprised to know you don’t have to do anything either.  Our actions are our choices.  You get out of bed and go to work because you want the money to pay for your toys.  Own your life.  The gift of free will should be celebrated.

When we wonder why we aren’t where we think we are supposed to be, we must look at why we make the choices we do.  Everybody claims they don’t have enough time to do the things they want to do.  Bull shit!  We make deliberate choices to do what we do.  What we forget is that for each choice we make there exists a consequence.  Good, bad, maybe not even instantly evident, but it is there.

A decision to do one thing comes with baggage but we accept this as part of a package deal.  I choose to play in an 8-ball league on Wednesday nights.  This means I also agree to pay league fees and green fees on a weekly basis.  I made a commitment to my teammates that I will be there every week.  I don’t go to “Girls’ Hump Night” dinners and I’m the last to learn the good gossip.  I haven’t taken a specific course at the college because it is repeatedly offered Wednesday evenings. It’s my life and I decided to play pool. 

 Take “have to” out of your vocabulary.  Stop saying you “have to” be at work for 6am and say instead you start at 6. You don’t “have to” keep the meeting with your parole officer but jail is the alternative.  It’s not that you “have to” go to dinner at the in-laws rather than poker with the boys but you choose matrimonial harmony.  You can stop using “have to” in your sentences completely and the only thing that will change is your attitude.