Answer why, not what

When I made the decison I wanted to write as a profession, I was forced to admit that I don’t know everything. If I am to establish credibility as a writer, I have an enormous amount of learning in my future.  While I have experience in technical writing (training manuals, corporate communications, league newsletters) I know nothing about writing anything else, never mind earning a living doing it.  I was not to be intimidated by the challenge.

Then I began my pursuit.  In the many scernarios that played through my head, none of them prepared me for the information I was going to have to digest and the decisions I was going to have to make.  Journalism, children’s stories, novels, novellas, romance, sci-fi, mysteries, ghost writing, non-fiction.  Just thinking of the different approaches to the same art is tiring.

The light came on slowly.  I have to answer why I want to write before I can answer anything else.

With 4o in my rearview mirror, I feel I have stories to tell.  I think there are issues that are not discussed often enough.  I feel others have something to learn from my mistakes.  The exact same sentiments as thousands of other frustrated writers.  They are only out numbered by out of work actors.  I need to exploit the reasons which make me different.

I want to write because I think it is a dying art.  Abbreviations, emoticons and the necessity of brevity when texting is killing our language.  Clear communication is giving way to whatever can be squeezed into 140 characters or less.

I want to write because I want to piss off people.  Sadly, angry people are more engaged than those who are content.  Angry people talk.  Conversation is good.  I’ve been known to take the less popular side of an issue for the sake of healthy debate.  Because we brag about the good side of something does not make the bad stuff go away.

I want to write to educate because there is a surprising amount of bad information out there.  I have no misguided notion that I can correct the gossip and erroneous “facts” but I can encourage people to be properly informed.  Learn to question everything and never stop asking “why?”. 

Some days I want to write because I spent good money on a bad book.  The inner writer in me knows I can write better than some the published material I have read.  However, the inner me never wrote anything and the horrible, published writer did.

I want to write because I want to leave something behind.   The rumour is if you post something on the internet, it is out there forever.


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