Funny can’t be forced

I am not quick on the draw.  I am the type that thinks of the perfect comeback an hour and a half after the moment has passed.  I laugh by myself a lot.

The hubby seems to have a comedic comeback to almost any situation.  His sense of humour is the secret to the success of our relationship.  In the worst situations, he still makes me laugh.  I don’t care that he’s losing his hair but if he loses his ability to laugh, he is out the door.

He never has to think about it.  He doesn’t try to be funny, he is funny.  Give him some time to think about a situation and he only gets funnier.  When he is at his best, my writing gets better. I think it’s because laughter gets me to relax and I stop thinking.  I don’t try to write, I write.  It’ s a very Yoda concept. 

Funny is important because there is not enough of it in this world.  We want it.  We need it.  We actually seek it out.  The most popular videos on YouTube?  The ones which make us laugh.  The more popular blogs?  The ones which make us laugh.  A theme is developing.  We want more haha in our lives.

In the middle of a stressful day, kids sick, husband working late, boss on your ass about your absences, you cannot just sit down and giggle.  Maybe you can force a smile when you recall a particular memory but we lack the ability to laugh on demand.  We had it once but we lose it  over time.  We exchange our sense of humour for ever-growing responsibilities. 

Watch a child, specifically the kids whom have yet to start school.  They laugh all the time.  They laugh at anything.  Their laughs come from deep inside their bellies.  A fabulous thing about this type of genuine exuberance is that it is contagious. I challenge you to surround yourself with laughing children and at the same time be a miserable troll.

Funny can’t be forced but it can be encouraged.  We should embrace every opportunity we can, to laugh loud and proud.  The chances are rare so jump on them.  If you miss and fall flat on your face, laugh at that too!


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