Beep-beep, 2 way traffic

Tell me the things you want to say to the driver you encounter coming down a one way street the wrong way.  In a nutshell, the idjit (I have been told idiot may be considered a derogatory term.  Who knew?) missed the messages.  No doubt there was a sign, if not two, at the intersection where the moron made the wrong turn.  Message sent but not received.  The jackass still turned down a one way street the wrong way.  And yes, we have all been the idjit.

      Successful communication flows two ways.  You might hear my words but do you understand my message?  Think of your favourite expletive; mine is the popular fuck. Should you hear me blurt this from the kitchen, the word itself does not tell you what is happening, it is how I said it that tells the story.

A loud sharp bark, often preceded by a crash, indicates bad happenings, stay away.  Repetition of the word in a soft voice typically means a spill or broken egg.  If I’m giggling while I curse, I’ve probably opened the same cupboard door, three maybe four times, each time forgetting what I’m looking for.  One single word with so many meanings; it’s the tone which tells the tale.

When communicating through the written word, how is tone expressed?  Yes, I can be careful to select what I feel are the perfect words but how are you reading them?  Inserting smiley faces 🙂 throughout an essay doesn’t seem professional but until you know me, how do you interpret my words?  I give you my blessing to laugh when you want.  If you think I’m offensive, I’m probably trying my hand at humour.  If you think I’m an egotist, it’s only self deprecating humour that usually serves only to annoy.

Back to my original point…  Communication works in two directions.  This poses certain challenges to a writer when reading is generally accepted as a solo activity.  Can you imagine the conversations you might have had with J.K. Rowling as you were reading Harry Potter?  How about having the opportunity to discuss Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple with Agatha Christie?  How would their later works have changed?

Until I’m rich and famous, making the talk show circuit, showing the world my fun side while still appearing brilliant, I will work with my words in an attempt to do the same thing.  I will do my best to choose my words so that you don’t find yourself going the wrong way down that one way street.  If you crash it’s my fault.


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